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All Parish Lenten Fish Bakes on March 5th & March 26th
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Everyone is Invited to Holy Hour in the church on Tuesdays during Lent
UPDATED: Lenten Calendar of Events at Saint Augustin 2021
Notice changes: Holy Saturday has been updated to 8:00 pm Mass (previously scheduled as 7:00 pm), Good Friday - no Living Stations of the Cross.
Lenten Resource to Celebrate the Year Of St. Joseph - as Proclaimed by Pope Francis
In light of Pope Francis’ proclamation as the Year of St. Joseph, we encourage everyone to utilize the Consecration to St. Joseph as a Lenten...
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Pre-Order before noon the Wednesday before the event:

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Notice changes: Holy Saturday has been updated to 8:00 pm Mass (previously scheduled as 7:00 pm), Good Friday - no Living Stations of the Cross.

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In light of Pope Francis’ proclamation as the Year of St. Joseph, we encourage everyone to utilize the Consecration to St. Joseph as a Lenten Journey to enrich your life.


What does it mean for a person to be consecrated to St. Joseph?


Well, it basically means that you acknowledge that he is your spiritual father, and you want to be like him. To show it, you entrust yourself entirely into his paternal care so that he can help you acquire his virtues and become holy. Total consecration to St. Joseph means you make a formal act of filial entrustment to your spiritual father so that he can take care of your spiritual well-being and lead you to God. The person who consecrates himself to St. Joseph wants to be as close to their spiritual father as possible, to the point of resembling him in virtue and holiness. Saint Joseph, in turn, will give those consecrated to him his undivided attention, protection, and guidance.


If you have already consecrated yourself to the Virgin Mary, can you also be consecrated to St. Joseph?


The answer is a resounding “Yes!” God desires that all children be committed to the care of a mother and a father. You are not a member of a single-parent spiritual family. Mary is your spiritual mother, and St. Joseph is your spiritual father. The spiritual fatherhood of St. Joseph is extremely important for your spiritual growth. The hearts of Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph are one.


This consecration can be done individually, or people can form groups to do it with their family/friends. The book costs about $15 for a print copy. February 15th (Solemnity of St. Joseph) is a recommended start day. If you started then, you would finish on March 19th (Feast of St. Joseph). Lent starts on Feb. 17th, so the timing would work out well. 


Resources can be found at:


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Click the image below to watch an introductory video on our newly formed Stephen Ministry:



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If you are homebound or in the hospital and would like a visit, please contact the parish office at

(515) 255-1175 or with your contact information.


Join Us for Daily Rosary at 7:30 am!Thursday, October 15, 2020
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With morning masses starting again a few days a week (for now Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 8:00 am) it’s a good time to remind you that the rosary is said every morning Monday - Friday.

On Monday, Thursday and Friday we meet in the adoration chapel, on Tuesday and Thursday before Mass we meet in the church. Rosary begins at 7:30 am.



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Are you interested in helping with the parish live stream liturgies? We need people who are willing to be trained for running both the sound and camera(s) for our Sunday 10:00 am Mass. If you're a "behind-the-scenes" type person who is looking for a way to get involved, this could be JUST the ministry for YOU!  High school students can earn service hours for helping.

 Please contact Randy Mudge at 515-255-1175, x205 or


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Dear Friends in Christ,
With your pastors and clergy in the Des Moines Diocese throughout these pandemic weeks, we have received and shared your appeals, groans, and longing for the resumption of communal celebration of sacraments.  I hope it brings relief, peace, and joy for you to receive these much-awaited notifications that follow upon due consultation with our regathering task force and select clinicians: 
Pottawattamie County parishes are now permitted to enter Phase 1 with adherence to relevant guidelines for celebration of daily Mass and other sacraments on Tuesday, June 9th.  As always, the decision to proceed with liturgical celebrations (presuming that the faithful socially distance from one another, wear masks, and that parishes can observe cleaning guidelines) rests with the local pastors.  If all goes well, we anticipate they will move into Phase 2 celebration of weekend Masses June 20-21st, which I will confirm as that date draws nearer.
Dallas, Polk, and Warren County Parishes are now permitted to enter Phase 1 as early as Thursday, June 11th.  Pastors may elect to wait until a later date, such as Tuesday, June 16th or beyond, to begin Phase 1 operations.  Given the larger number of parishes, the greater population density, and the prospect of a resurgence as businesses and other venues open and people congregate with less caution, I ask that you await the “green light” for entry into Phase 2, but barring any contraindications, Dallas, Polk, and Warren Counties can expect to resume Phase 2 weekend liturgies on June 27-28th.
Shelby, Audubon, and Guthrie County parishes, having already entered Phase 1, can proceed to Phase 2 celebration of anticipated and Sunday Masses the weekend of June 13-14th. 
Other counties who previously were the first wave to enter Phase 1 may enter Phase 2 the weekend of June 6-7th, or are at least permitted to do so at the pastors’ discretion.
An attached document outlines the general guidelines for Phases 2 and 3.  There is no present determination of when we will enter Phase 3, but it will almost certainly not be until July.
It needs be said again that the Sunday Mass obligation remains suspended, and that vulnerable persons and those who interact with them do well to stay home, even as this poses a continued sacrifice on their part.  Please await your own parish’s resumption of Masses, and remember that during Phase 1 and 2, an occasional presence at Mass, and not daily, makes it possible for more parishioners to attend Mass in safe fashion.  Practicing these self-disciplines is a grace-filled act of charity for others, who equally hunger for our Eucharistic Lord.  There is an attached discernment tool that is a regular reminder to all of us of our need to be honest with ourselves about our health status and our need to be charitable toward others.
Oh, to have finally passed over to this place of greater refreshment and healing, where we can partake again of the fruits of the Resurrection and Pentecost.  Let us go rejoicing—with continued vigilance and care for each other—to the House of the Lord!
Faithfully in Christ,
Most Rev. William M. Joensen, Ph.D.
Queridos Amigos en Cristo,
Junto con sus párrocos y miembros del clero en la Diócesis de Des Moines en el transcurso de estas semanas de la pandemia, hemos recibido sus solicitudes, quejas y deseos para que se reanude la celebración comunitaria de los sacramentos. Espero que les traiga alivio, paz y gozo el recibir los tan esperados anuncios que presentamos a continuación en base a consultas con nuestro grupo de trabajo de reanudación y algunos clínicos:
A las parroquias del Condado de Pottawattamie se les permitirá entrar a la Fase 1 adhiriéndose a las guías respectivas para la celebración de la Misa entre semana y otros sacramentos a partir del martes 9 de junio.   Como siempre, la decisión de continuar con celebraciones litúrgicas (con la presunción de que los fieles tendrán distanciamiento social entre ellos, del uso de máscaras y que las parroquias podrán observar los lineamientos de limpieza) recae sobre los párrocos. Si todo va bien, anticipamos que podremos avanzar hacia la Fase 2 de celebración de Misas en fines de semana el 20 y 21 de junio, lo que podré confirmar conforme se aproxime la fecha. 
A las parroquias de los condados de Dallas, Polk y Warren se les permitirá entrar en Fase 1 a partir del jueves 11 de junio. Los párrocos pueden optar por una fecha posterior, tal como el martes 16 de junio o después, para iniciar sus operaciones en Fase 1.  Dado el elevado número de parroquias, una mayor densidad de la población, y la posibilidad de un rebrote conforme los negocios u otros establecimientos empiezan a abrir y la gente se congregue con menos precaución, les pido que esperen hasta que reciban “luz verde” de entrada en Fase 2 pero, a menos de que surjan otras circunstancias, los condados de Dallas, Polk y Warren pueden planear el comenzar la Fase 2 con liturgias de fin de semana el 27 y 28 de junio.
Las parroquias en los condados de Shelby, Audubon y Guthrie, habiendo ya entrado a la Fase 1, pueden continuar hacia la Fase 2 anticipando la celebración de Misas Dominicales el fin de semana del 13 y 14 de junio. 
Los demás condados que estaban previamente en el primer grupo que entró en Fase 1, podrán iniciar Fase 2 el fin de semana del 6 y 7 de junio, o al menos se les permite hacerlo bajo la discreción del párroco.
El documento anexo indica las guías generales para las Fases 2 y 3. Al momento no se ha determinado cuando entraremos en Fase 3, pero lo más probable es que esto no suceda sino hasta julio.
Se necesita decir de nueva cuenta que continúa suspendida la obligación de la Misa Dominical, y que es mejor que las personas vulnerables, así como quienes tienen interacción con ellas, permanezcan en casa, incluso si esto consiste en un sacrificio por su parte. Favor esperen a que su propia parroquia reinicie las Misas, y recuerden que durante las Fases 1 y 2 la presencia ocasional en la Misa, no diariamente, permite que más miembros de la parroquia puedan asistir a la Misa de forma segura. El practicar esta autodisciplina es un acto de caridad lleno de gracia hacia los demás, quienes tienen el mismo apetito por nuestro Señor en la Eucaristía. Incluimos una herramienta de discernimiento que es un recordatorio constante para todos sobre nuestra necesidad de ser honestos con nosotros mismos respecto a nuestro estado de salud y nuestra necesidad de mostrar caridad hacia los demás.
Por cierto, hemos podido llegar finalmente a este lugar de mayor ánimo y sanación, en donde podemos participar nuevamente de los frutos de la Resurrección y de Pentecostés. ¡Vayamos con alegría – con constante precaución y cuidado de unos con otros – a la Casa del Señor!
Fielmente en Cristo,
Reverendísimo. William M. Joensen, PhD.
Obispo de Des Moines 
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